Disconnect to Reconnect with Sustainable Getaways

With over 50 beaches and 8 National Parks accessible from our beach retreats the opportunities to immerse yourself in the restorative force of nature are enormous. Disconnect and reconnect with family and friends or just enjoy some mindfulness and quiet for yourself. Our carefully selected quiet, environmentally responsible abodes surrounded by nature are the perfect tonic you have been looking for.

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Hydrotherapy is as old as mankind, and we have it on tap! Whatever the temperature, form or level of exertion you can certainly indulge - take to the surf, soak up the sun on a paddle board, kayak through the mangroves or lull around in remote rock pools, ocean baths or outdoor baths. Rehydrate the cells and the mind!

Bordering National Park

Some bush medicine is sure to have you back on the right track. Whatever your level of fitness there are plenty of bushwalks to choose from.  Walk, bike or jog to secluded beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, ancient cultural sites or viewing platforms to see the majestic whales. Admire the mammals, the birds, the insects, reptiles and the fauna - stop and smell the wildflowers!

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Best Surf Breaks

Only a surfer knows the feeling right. From secret spots to popular breaks, you are simply spoilt for choice. And while we can't publish them - we are happy to share on a need-to-know basis. There is a reason why some of the best surfers on the world stage grew up surfing our beaches, including Molly Picklum, Adrian (Ace) Buchan, Macy Callaghan and Glenn (Micro) Hall, not to mention the success of the emerging adaptive surfing scene. Surfing has amazing benefits for everyone, and this is your perfect opportunity to dip your toe, hang 10 or just marvel at those who dance on water.

Join us on our sustainability journey

Immersing oneself in nature is amazingly restorative and at Beach Retreats we don't take this lightly. As such we strive for sustainability in our business and across our property portfolio. All of our properties provide bulk Wallawa boatnical amenities, our offices are powered by the sun, our concierge drive a hybrid, we support local and we love to knowledge share with our cultural heritage. Our properties continue to improve on waste management, passive design, solar installation, rainwater harvesting and nurturing native flora and fauna. We have recently partnered with Terrigal Laundrette with 'linen revival' and have not only stopped truckloads of old linen going to landfill but have assisted flood victims in remote communities. And we are just getting started!

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Wellness Retreat Spotlight

Treetops at Wagstaffe

The perfect wellness retreat surrounded by Bouddi National Park, native bushland and wildlife galore. Arrive by the Palm Beach Ferry, walk to the secluded half tide rock platform or sunset swims at Lobster Beach only accessible by boat or walking track. Indulge in a rock platform dining experience while all the while being able to tread lightly. While our retrospective sustainable measures are modest you will be surprised at the little impact you will have. Your stay will be powered by the sun even though you are up in the trees via a solar share scheme, your waste will be minimal with green waste composted, soft plastics 'curby-ed' and hard plastics recycled (including coffee pods). You might even get lucky and catch your own dinner! Morning yoga with the birds on the deck as the sun filters through the trees and over the water. Explore any of the seven secluded beaches throughout the National Park or kayak, fish, rock climb, talk to the birds, enjoy a soak, eat, read and then repeat.

Treetops at Wagstaffe

Group Retreats

We have the perfect location for your group wellness retreat. From in house massage therapists to yoga instruction on any level to wholesome catering. Just get in touch with some further detail on your group size and requirements and we will package up your perfect retreat or point you in the direction to choose your own. Totally up to you.

Immersed in nature and with calming ocean or water views, our retreats are the perfect place to host your retreat. Our carefully selected retreats typically sleep up to 10 or 12 or smaller groups if individual beds are required (up to 8 beds). Get in touch so we can curate the ultimate wellness retreat tailored to your requirements.